Hi, I’m the artist behind the name!

I’m a self-taught artist, who enjoys painting anything from murals, to canvas to faux applications but flowers have my heart. I have a Bachelors of Arts in Recreation and once upon a time was a soldier in the Army with many accolades. Other than actually going to art school, I’m always seeking out new classes to develop and hone in on my craft.

I’ve been a freelance mixed media artist for over 20 years doing a little bit of everything. I’m still finding my “voice” so to speak in the art world, but I’m happiest painting and sharing what helps keep me centered mentally while focusing on my creative path.

Thank you for checking me out, let’s connect on other social platforms so I can learn more about you!

We were destined to cross paths today so I would love to propel your creative soul along with mine. Make sure to check out my blog – CreateAgain.com  

“Life is a process, much like art. In order to have depth, it takes more than one layer to make a good painting. Every time I paint I’m learning to have patience with myself and trust the process.”

Heather christian iglesias






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